5-5-03: word to your extended family: guess who got their camera to work? huh? who muthafuckuh?! ME! THAT'S WHO! and here, my children, are the fruitful results.

4-27-03: i hearby declare diaryland a major pain in the ass, and henceforth i shall have a live journal. and all yee shall dance and sing merry merry.

4-6-03: a happy birthday to emma and kevin. and now: immunity,self3, leatherette, coney

3-26-03: just a small update: fish boy and jockeys

3-8-03: new big ass art update: burlesque, rock star, motion, and nuclear.

2-20-02: evolve, cheeky, elephant self, foot new in art.

2-10-02: matador, trophy, and nam new in art.

1-28-03: blood1 and blood2 new in art.

1-23-03: get down everyone. skinhead girl and zelda gilroys poster new in originals, and muddy waters, alias mckinley morganfield, alias grandaddy of rock 'n roll in fan art.

1-8-03: happy belated new year to you. i hope this new year brings you many naked people. eat1, eat2, and moonwalk are brought to you fully clothed.

12-23-02: i come back from vegas and this is all i give you? vegas blues 1 and 2 in the comics section.

12-17-02: and now, the last of my sketchbook "dossier": dummy and robot

12-16-02: as per tradition, i've finished yet another sketchbook, and with that comes minor responsibilities, like a big-ass art update. hence, i give you death, whore, self2, and big bus in little tokyo,

12-9-02: lonely, glow, and 3D new in art.

12-8-02: babooshka continuing the theme of old people, and rodeo for my kevin.

12-3-02: tiki party new in art.

11-30-02: wino, ciao, cameo, and family new in art.

11-5-02: pulp new in art. see a pattern forming?

11-4-02: new layout! whee! and tranny in new art.

8-9-02: boy this site has really gone downhill. as you may have noticed i just put up the b movie of all layouts. this thing didn't take me long enough to do, but i was just so sick of the other one that i needed a quick change. ta-da.

7-14-02: back from europe with a new comic about how my headphones didn't work on the plane. woops, i just spoiled the ending.

6-27-02: new photos, but i'm going on holiday for a few days so i didn't die, i'm just in europe.

6-21-02: as you can clearly see summer has started, because surfer.jpg is up in the art section. and new photos in the photo section. i'm also removing my diary cos i don't use it anymore and it's just stupid.

5-28-02: new photos of and around chicago, and llkredux.gif in art.

5-21-02: new photos and a new link.

5-7-02: happy birthday dad, sorry for fainting on the sidewalk at your party yesterday. anywho, drapes.gif new in art and 8 new pages of photos! and some in colour! woo!

4-28-02: this is coming in a little late, but new photos. you know, my dad and the lady behind the counter and the el rey and that couple making out at the eels concert.

4-16-02: yee! i done found me some inspiration and made some DRAWN art! lovers.gif and viejitos.gif. actually, i'm lying to you. i'm just drawing old people and passing it off as inspiration, but if THE MAN like it that's ok. and no, viejitos doesn't mean "old commies" in el spanish.

4-2-02: new photos and crustyoldman.jpg in art.

3-26-02: my scanner doesn't work, again. so all you get is lots of photos, again.

3-18-02: new photos clash style of me doing that lost in the supermarket thing.

3-14-02: happy pi day! and a new layout for you.... now i have that flashy linky thing where you can run your mouse over the link and it changes to this colour and the scrollbar is pink like a cake.

3-10-02: only 11 days to my birthday! yee! ok, no more birthday crap. bejanindrag.jpg in the originals and some photos take of and around my school.

3-5-02: new photos in the photo album.

2-24-02: back from yosemite and now i have an online photo album, doctored.gif, and doctored2.gif in the originals section.

2-8-02: opiumredux.gif and oldpeople.gif in originals.

1-18-02: well, i changed the colour scheme a little bit and there's three new pics up in the originals. and happy birthday jen. go jen.

1-14-02: hot patootie! a new layout!! didn't i tell you it was coming?! eh?! eh?!?! yup. it's here. unfortunately, there's no new art but it'll be here and shite by the end of the work week, scout's honour.

1-3-02: so 3rd day of the year and shite. riviera.gif and characters.jpg in the in the originals section, you know where to find it.

12-25-01: merry christmas and sorry for not updating. tripod had some problems and i couldn't draw well for a while, and it looks like i won't be able to draw for a while again either. however, i can write and i can photograph, so you're in for some fun. frenchie.jpg, angrycouple.jpg, giftofflight.gif are all up.

12-8-01: i normally don't put any other writing up besides scripts, but this is a thingy i wrote for reflections called flags that i thought was fair. in the future, mebbe i'll post my tarantino song and my script about the gothy rock star who wears old navy boxers.

11-30-01: gringoskeleton.gif and selfdefense.gif in the originals, and i added a notify list on the splash page.

11-8-01: *sigh*, ok, in originals we have intergalactic.gif, loudmusic.gif, and newwave.gif. and in fan art... a picture of tommy from snatch!!! i want his gun in my trousers.

11-4-01: ms paint truely is the way of the future, and this time they didn't pay me to say that. just check out opium.gif in the originals section and you'll see what i mean. it's for kevin. kevin's my euclid, not yours.

10-30-01: damn! it's been a long time since i've updated. a whole two weeks! ok, well, selfportrait.jpg up in the originals section, and my first piece of fan art, barcode.jpg and photography section. i'm sorry, but webcam stills are all you're getting until my uncle gives my camera back.

10-10-01: roadside.jpg and smeg.jpg in the originals section.

10-9-01: filmnoir.jpg and oedipus.jpg in the originals section. also, dalastman.jpg up in the comics section, just to prove that i blow at comics.

10-7-01: go figure. this is certainly an improvement than what went down a year and a half ago. :pyromanian_eyez:, jesus. i promised you three i'd learn tables and get this bastard up and i did, only now it's "something with martini in it". cute, eh?

i thought so.

at any rate, i know more html this time, i hope m-chan's all proud of me 'n shite. i hope you are all proud of me too because this took a long time. a damn long time.

ooh! yah, now my site has colours too. more colours and no more of those stupid bloody icons that take too long to load. love me.
by the way, thatslovebaby.jpg, underground.gif, and oldman.jpg are now up in the originals section. dig it.